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Považská Bystrica and its surroundings
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Area: total (including local parts) 463 sq km
Population: 43 249
Density of population: 142 people/sq km
Altitude: 288 m a. s. l.
Annual average temperature: 8,2 °C
Total annual rain fall: 780 mm
The highest point: Veľký Javorník (1 071 m a. s. l.), Strážov 1213 m a. s. l. The lowest point: cadastre of Udiča village (280 m a. s. l.)
Number of municipalities: 28


The district of Považská Bystrica is situated in north-west Slovakia and is the northest district of Trenčín region. It neighbours with district of Púchov and Bytča. Northern border of the district is also boundary with Czech Republic. The centre of the district is made up by Podmanín hilly country, surrounded from the north-west by Javorníky and from the south-east by Súľovské and Strážovské hills. The biggest river here is the River Váh that is emptied here by 3 tributories – Papradnianka, Domanižanka and Mariková Creek. One water dam of Váh Cascade is in Nimnica – The Dam of Youth.
Považská Bystrica is the only district without boundary crossing. The motorway from Bratislava ends just in front of Považská Bystrica and it´s being built.


The first written document about the village is dated on 13th July 1330 but it was inhabited before. Many archeological findings recently discovered tribe of Lužická and Púchovská cultures. The Slavonic Nation of Great Moravia formed part of the town´s territory. History of Považská Bystrica is linked to its castle, which was built in 13th century on a hill near Považská Bystrica. The town was burned down by Hussite soldiers in 1432 and all village´s documents were destroyed. Therefore the King Žigmund restored town´s privileges on 23rd April 1435. The King Matej Korvín gave the town and castle to Ladislava Podmanický in 1458. Since then Podmanický Family reigned in Bystrica castle for 100 years. Ladislav´s son Ján had a gothic church built in the town. On 2nd January 1506 he published the first official document „articuli Podmanickyani“ which was written in Slovak language. In this document butchers, weaves, black smiths and shoe makers were mentioned. Považská Bystrica was (along with Varín) the only town in Slovakia where the guild´s masters spoke exclusively Slovak language. The town began to develop at the ind of 19th century. A tin factory, a destillery, some mills and other smaller factories were built.
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