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The first state was called Samo’s empire in the 7th century. In the 9th century Great Moravia Empire came to existence. Its centre was in Nitra. It is connected with spreading of Christianity. Brothers Cyril and Methodius from Solonica in Greece came to our territory for Christian mission in 864. They invented a new type of alphabet – Glagolitic and translated religious texts into Slavonic. Later Slovakia became the part of the Hungarian monarchy. After the WWI on the 28th October 1918 the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy broke down and Czechoslovak Republic was formed with the first president Tomas Garyque Masaryk. It was a democratic and prosperous state with developed industry. After the Munich dictate CSR was split and Slovak fascist state with President Jozef Tiso was created. But thanks to the Slovak National Uprising (29.8.1944) our position has changed to winners. After the WWII CSR has been renewed but under the communist dictatorship. In 1968 CSSR was changed into a federal state and new process of democratisation (known as Prague Spring) led by A. Dubcek was stopped by invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops in August. The year of normalisation followed. In November 1989 so called Velvet Revolution changed almost everything. The new Slovak republic was established on 1st of January 1993.
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