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Australia is the Earth´s smallest continent , situated in the Southern Hemisphere between the Pacific and the Indian oceans. Its nearest neighbour in the north is New Guinea. The surface of Australia is mostly flat , only one twentieth of the whole continent is higher than 600 metres above the sea level. In central Australia there are three deserts – the Great Sandy Desert , the Gibson Desert and the Great Victoria Desert. In Australia are some mountains as a Australian Alps and Blue Mountains. The highest peak in Australia is Mt. Kosciusco , which is 2 230 metres high. The area of Australia is 7 686 848 sq km. The population is 17 335 900 people ,but 98 % are white and 228 000 Aborigians. The capital city is Canberra. Other big cities are Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane , Perth , Darwin , Adelaide and very well-known cities are Cairns and Alice Springs. Australia is dividing on six parts : Western Australia , North territory , Southern Australia , Queensland , New Southern Wales and Act and Victoria.

Western Australia

Here is very visited big city Perth. Perth lies on river Swan.Surrounding lowland is bound to with Darling Range. Very famous places in Perth are St George´s Anglican Cathedral , Government House , Deanary ( here lived decanus of St George´s Anglican Cathedral ) , Old Fire Station , St Mary´s Roman Catholic Cathedral and Perth Mint (oldest monetagium in Australia in service). Next very visited place in Western Australi is Shark Bay World Heritage and Marine Park. This is natural reservation. This park is under security of UNESCO. Here are some intristing things. For example Shell Beach. This 60 km long beach is interesting , because is made of 10 metres high layer of seashells. Next things are Cape Inscription , François Peron National Park , Peron´s farm , Denham , Steep point , Eagle Bluff , Zuytdorp Cliffs and Monkey Mia. In Western Australia are the Gibson Desert and the Great Victoria Desert. Second big city in tis part of Australia except Perth is Derby. In Derby is very famous Wharfingers House , Old Derby Gaol ( old house of correction) and Botanic Garden.

North Territory

On north of North Teritory is city Darwin. Darwin was bottomed in 1864 by Europeans. In Darwin is fifty etnic groups of Ausralian. Asians , Aborigians, Europeans and Chinese.
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