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London is situated on both banks of the river Thames. About 9 millions people live here. London – capital city of England and Great Britain is a city of traditions, historic buildings, theaters, parks and interesting museums. Central London consists of 3 main areas : The City, Westminster, The West End.

THE CITY is oldest part of London. It is the business centre of london, too.
Saint Paul`s Cathedral is the principal church of the City of london. It was built by the famous English architect Sir Christopher Wren. It is one of the largest cathedral in the world. Several great men are buried here (W. Churchil).
By the Thames there is the Tower of London, one of the oldest and most famous building in Britain. The Crown Jewels are kept here and there is also an exptionally fine collection of arms.
The bridge next to the Tower of London is Tower Bridge. It opens in the middle to let ships pass through. Tower of London belongs to the Queen, although she never lives here.
The Monument – this memorial was built in 1671 – 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666. Great Fire destroyed a large part of London. Most of the City. The fire broke up in a baker`s shop. There were a lot of wooden houses so the flames spread fast. The column is 202 feet high. When you climb up you can see many interesting building around.

There are several Royal Palaces and Government offices. Westminster Abbey is the centre of this area. It is a Gothic Church. English kings and queens have been crowned in the Abbey. Many distinguish people have been buried here. There is also Poet`s Corner where several English poets are buried.
Close by Westminster Abbey is Palace of Westminster known as Houses of Parliament. During the time Parliament is in session a flag flies at the top of the Big Ben tower clock. the bell weighs 13,5 tons and was named after one of the ministers in the middle of the alst century Sir Benjamin Hall. He was nicknamed „Big Ben“ because he was very tall.
Buckingham Palace – the London residence of the British royal family. Every day at 11,30 the Queen`s Guard in full dress uniform perform the ceremony of changing the guards. The royal standard is flown when the sovereign is in residence.
The residence of the British Prime Minister can be found at 10 Downing Street. There is the Cabinet room – a long white room where Cabinet meetings are held.
Trafalgar Square is one of the largest squares in London.
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