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Great Britain
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Geography – situated on the British Isles – off northwest coast off Europe bordered by Atlantic ocean and from Europe separated by North. Sea & English Channel. Irish Sea & North Channel separate GB from Ireland. Climate – mild & rainy (Gulf Stream)
Population – 56 mill. people (dense population)
Indrustries – developed – iron & steel engineering, motor vehicles, aircraft, textil, plastic cotton, wool, chemicals, electronics, shipbuilding, food products (incl. fishing)
Mineral resources – coal, natural gas (North Sea), drilling, (boring) towers
Agriculture – wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, sugar beet, milk, meat, sheep, breeding
- comprises of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Chanal Islands
- includes 4 nations: English, Welch, Scottish, Irish
- the largest cities: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchaster, Shefield, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh
- hightly industrialized, mainly in the north where the industrial revolution started in 18. – 19. century (steam engine – J. Watt) and a lot of discoveries.
Manchaster – industrial, commercial centre, engineering, sport
Newcastle – coal, iron, streel, shipbuilding
Shefield – iron, streel, shipbuilding
Birmingham – second laregest city, ligh engineering (bicycles, motorcycles, machine – tool industry)
- changes in the structure: banking insurance, commerce, finance, advertising

WALES - oldest son of the Engl. monarch is given the title “Prince of Wales”. Diana would be “The Princess of Wales”, moor land, rainy climate, farms, Cardiff (capital) – mining, industrial, cultural, historical town, educational centre
SCOTLAND (north) + Orkneys, Shetland, Hebride - own tradition & way of life, independant, hills, lakes (lochs – Loch ness: where the mythical monster lives). Skotish have their special folclore in wearing kilts and having some special sports
- Glasgow – shipbuilding, heavy steel manufactures
- Edinburgh (capital) – ancient cultural city, “Ed. Int´l, Festival of Music & Drama” –world wide known, engin., printing, electronic industries
- Aberdeen – historic royal town, North Sea coast, busy seaport, fishing, commerce
NORTHERN IRELAND (Ulster) – Belfast (capital) – university, shoping, educational,
commercial, entertainment and service center, important port, agriculture, farms
– protestant / catholic – religious problems.
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