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The United States of America
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-lying between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans covers the part of North. Am.
-bounded to the north by Canada, to the west by the Pacific, to the south by Mexico and Straits of Florida and east by the Atlantic Ocean

-243 million – of European, Afro-American, Amer. Indian, Japanese, Chinese origin
-official language – Engl. + a lot of imigrant and minority languages
-federation of 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii)
North-eastern states: New Yourk, Pennsilvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan)
- the most densely populated
- here are some gratest cities: N.Y., Washingron D.C. (District of Columbia)capital, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit
- rich in raw materials (centre of industry) – metals, minerals, cial, oil, natural gas, iron and steel, glass
Northern region = New England : Connecticut, Maine, Mass, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
- the first colonist – old traditions, lifestyle – private universities (Harvard, Yale)
Centre of USA = Midwest: vast plains – manily wheat is grown – developed agricul., tornadoes
Southern states: Virginia, West Virg., North Carolina, South Carol., Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas
- agricultural – cotton, tobacco, (slavery trade) plantations, racial problems
- Florida – pine forests, oranges, beaches, hurricanes
South –west: Texas(largest, oil, prairies, cattle ranches), New Mexico, Arizona(Indians)
- deserts, extreme temperatures, Grand Canyon
West: Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California = “Rocky Mountain States”
- natural beauties, national parks
- cities of California - San Francisco, L.A. are attractive (Hollywood – district of L.A. – centre of motion – picture industry and TV entertainment)

Tourist centres: California, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands(fine beaches)
- Winter sports resorts: Rocky Mountains, New England
- Niagara Falls (on the border of Canada and America).
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