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National parks In Britain And Slovakia
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I. Thesis Sentence
II. Preface
III. National Parks
1) British National Parks: Ownership and Funding
2) Slovak National Parks: Ownership and Funding
IV. Comparison of The Lake District National Park and The Tatras National Park
1) The Lake District national Park
2) The Tatras National park
3) Comparison
V. Conclusion
VI. Used Literature

National Parks In Britain and Slovakia.

I. Thesis Sentence:
First, I will focus on the national parks in general, trying to describe in what way they are funded and who are the owners of these lands. Then I will try to do the same with two concrete national parks – The Lake District National park and The Tatras National Park - plus, I will try to compare them by using information I found.

II. Preface:
National parks are real jewels of Nature, treasures of the nation and pride of the country. They compromise an uncountable amount of natural values and beauties. Each and every among the national parks has its own atmosphere, its characteristic features given by the geographic location, genesis of its territory, geology, climatic conditions and specific stands of flora and fauna. Nature in national parks remains untouched. It has been developing for thousands of years in its set rhythm and only in some limited places it has been marked by man’s activities from times immemorial. In other words, national parks are territories of larger areas with original nature or nature being little changed by human interventions. They have an extraordinary cultural-scientific significance and are important from climatic, water-economy and health viewpoints, serving as information and recreation for people.
The main objective of national parks is to ensure protection to the most important natural heritage of natural landscape settings for present and future generations. Therefore, their preservation has become the interest of all the people.

III. National parks:
1) British National Parks:
The system of national parks is still not completed and there are new candidates among the protected landscape areas. But currently there are 7 national parks in England, which with the Broads, cover around 7.6% of the landscape.
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