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Greenwich Village (New York)
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Greenwich Village is located in Manhattan, north of Houston Street and south of 14th Street. This area was once criss-crossed with streams and dotted with small farms. As a result, the area would not conform to the city’s grid pattern. Its pattern of streets has been likened to a “mousetrap” and visitors often get lost. The name “The Village” comes from a time when the area, then a small village, was used as an escape from the yellow fever epidemic of 1822. Greenwich Village is synonymous with avant-garde, offbeat lifestyles, non-conformists and starving artists. The offbeat feeling is still here, but the starving artists are gone. No starving artist could afford to live here! The often unusual, but always delightful architecture of Greenwich Village lends itself to its quirky atmosphere. The castle-like Jefferson Market Courthouse, for example, was voted the fifth most beautiful house in America. At night, Greenwich Village comes alive with sounds from late-night coffeehouses, cafés, experimental theaters, and music clubs. Many famous people have made their homes in Greenwich Village including actor Dustin Hoffman and playwright Eugene O’Neil. .
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