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SoHo and Tribeca (New York)
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SoHo and Tribeca are located in Manhattan: south of Houston street, north of Chambers street, and west of Lafayette street to the Hudson River. Nearly demolished in the 1960's, SoHo (south of Houston) was saved when it was recognized that the rare cast-iron architecture was a valuable asset to the city. Formerly an industrial district, SoHo soon became the home of artists who moved into the loft spaces. As a result of the influx of these creative characters, galleries, shops, and café's began to appear. Brunch and gallery hopping is now a popular weekend activity for the residents of New York. Inevitably, high demand for living space pushed up rents and many of the resident artists were forced to move to less expensive neighborhoods like TriBeCa, which takes its name from the geographic description, Triangle below Canal. TriBeCa seems to be following in SoHo's footsteps. Many of the city's newest galleries and restaurants can be found here. Take some time to enjoy these points of interest in the neighborhood:

The Queen
Known as "The Queen", one of the best examples of cast-iron architecture is at 28 - 30 Green Street. It was built by Isaac F. Duckworth who is recognized as one of the masters of cast-iron design. Pace Gallery
The Pace Gallery, part of a group of important galleries, is located at 32 E. 57th Street. It is a Tuscan-style cast-iron building designed by Henry Fernbach. The King of Green Street
At 72-76 Green Street is another Duckworth creation. The building is a Corinthian-columned structure. Chic & Deluca
The Chic Dean & Deluca is known as one of the best gourmet food stores in New York with a large selection of take-out food and a huge range of coffee beans. Guggenheim Museum SoHo
This highly acclaimed museum opened in 1992, offers 30,000 square feet of exhibition space and focuses on multimedia art. The architecture is a perfect example of SoHo architecture. Singer Building
Many critics consider this building superior to the much taller 41-story Singer building that was torn down in 1967. This building was an office and warehouse for the famous Singer Sewing Machine Company. The original Singer name can still be seen above the Prince Street entrance. .
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