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Lučenec - The City Where I Live
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Lučenec is the natural geographical center of the southern part of Central Slovakia and the cultural, economic center of historical region Novohrad. The first written document about Lučenec originates is the instrument of King Béla IV. Dated August 3. 1247 in which it is name Luchunch. The dominant of the town is the city historical zone, the center of which is the Kubinyi Square with historical buildings of Catholic and Calvinist churches, the Reduta and the Town Hall. The tourist can spend their day by a visit to Novohradské Museum and Novohradská Gallery, enjoying the architecture of old town houses, shopping in specialized shops, as well as having a nice time in the pleasant atmosphere of cafes and restaurants where they will be offered the specialities and wine of Novohrad. After completion of the exhibition area, the conditions will be created for development of trade and congress tourism. A suitable place for leisure and relax is the town park connected with a sport area.
People who like nature can go on trips in the surroundings of Lučenec, where there are reservations with interesting flora and fauna. After all this you can rest a while in small cafes and restaurants drinking good coffee and eating desserts. It together with Mayor MUDr. J. Murgaš were awarded a medal “Golden biatec 1996” as the first town in history for creating exceptional good cultural, social and enterprise environment and conditions. The district of Lučenec, a history proved center of the Novohrad region and a natural geographic core of southern parts of the Mid-Slovakian Region evidences, according to the data gathered during census of population, houses and flats, performed on November 1st, 1980, 95, 557 inhabitants living in 72 villages taking an area of 1,318 square kilometer. Most of the population is of Slovak nationality but southern parts of the district inhabit also by Hungarian nationality folks (23 percents).
The northwest and northern parts of the district neighbor upon districts of Zvolen and Banská Bystrica respectively, opposite its east borders lies the district of Rimavská Sobota; the whole southwest and the west neighbor upon Veľký Krtíš and south of the district has its borders common with Hungary.
Most of the district with its northern parts especially is hilly, dotted with scattered farm settlements. The hills naturally belong to “Slovenské rudohorie” and “Cerova vrchovina” called highlands.
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