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Canary Islands Spain
Tenerife is one of Canary Islands. People call them the Canaries shortly. Tenerife is a very large island. It is in the middle of the Canaries. The Canaries are located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Canaries including Tenerife are a part of Spain.There isn’t the winter during the year. The average temperature in February on Tenerife is 18.2 0C. There is a very pleasant climate there all the time. You can sunbathe on the seaside there for very long time. But be careful. You con get sun burnt.Tenerife is a beautiful place. There are beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes. There is always something to do there. There are a lot of places for fun, for education and for relax. During the day you can visit some attractive tourist sports. The right is time for fun. There are some right clubs and restaurants you can visit. You can go to the disco. The capital /city/ of Tenerife is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There are carnivals very often and the people are very nice there. There aren’t only sea sides and sand there. There are some mountains and volcands. Lovely nature is there.There are some historical places there where you can learn more about history. For example they are temples, very old towns and museums.Most city are the day. Santiago del Feide, Candelania, Buenovista del Norte, La Orotava are the fine cities. There are some shops in the cities where you can buy some souvenirs. If you have enough money, Tenerife is wonderful place.
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