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Canada is famous for its diverse and beautiful scenery particularly near the Great Lakes in the south - east (like Ontario, Lake Superior, Huron). Visitors are eager to see famous Niagara Falls. They are located between the Lake Ontario and the Lake Erie. The longest rivers are St. Lawrence, which flows through the lakes and empties into the Atlantic Ocean or Mackenzie flowing into the Arctic Ocean. Canada has also high mountain ranges, such as the Rocky Mountains and the Mackenzie Mountains, which occupies the west seashore. The highest mountain is Mt. Logan (5961 m).
Thousand of tourists visit Canada’s national parks (Jasper National Park) to admire the scenery or to enjoy walking, climbing or skiing there. They also desired to see some wild animals like bears, elks and reindeers or wolfs, who live in the forests
The climate is mostly continental. The average summer temperature in the south of Canada exceeds 24 C, but in the winner the snow covers almost the whole country. The north is arctic: winter temperatures fall to minus 50 C.

Political system
Canada became a British dominion in 1867. Now it’s and independent federal state and a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, but the head of the state is still the British monarch, for the moment Queen Elizabeth II. The governor – general represents her in Canada and he is elected for five years. The leading figure the political life of the country is the Prime Minister.
Canada is the member of OSN, NATO and other organisations.

Canada’s economy is traditionally based on natural resources and agriculture. There are many industry centres – for example: Hamilton, Montreal or Toronto. They exploit coal, oil and gas, zinc, silver or uranium and also gold. Gold was discovered in 1896 and the great gold rush in history started. Forests cover almost half of Canada. Canadians use them for getting wood and then they make furniture or other wood products. One of the most important economic branches is the fishing. Canada is the world’s second largest exporter of wheat, which is mainly grown on the prairies. You can plant there corn or vegetables too. Two of the sports have got also their origin in Canada – the rodeo and the ice-hockey, which became popular all over the world (mainly in Europe and America).
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