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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland occupies two large Islands near the west coast of Europe, the Isle of Man and the Channel Island. Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic ocean, the Irish sea, the North sea and the English channel.

London is the capital of Great Britain.Great Britain can by devided into England, Wales also Schotland and Northern Ireland. The population is about 56 milions inhabitans. The majority of inhabitans are: English, then they are the Scotch, Welsh and Irish. Poeple living in England speaks English, in Wales Welsh. In Scotland there is quiet different nation and people living in Scotland speak English, but if you ask somebody „Are you Scotish?“ He sais „No, I´m Scotch. Great Britain is a country full of meadows, forests and fields. Hilly districts can be found especially in Scotland and Northern Wales. The highest mountain in country is Ben Nevis whitch is about 2700 feet (1342 metres high). The lake district in England and Highlands in Scotland are the most picturable parts of Great Britain. They offer sailing, swimming and climbing and they are very attractive for holiday makers. Well know lake in Scotland whitch became famous in 1940 for it´s monster. All lakes in Scotland are called Lochs.

English country-side has a character of it´s own and is different from that in Slovakia. Most farms in Slovakia are in villages, but in England they are lot of isolated farms. This country is full of meadows surrounded by hedges with cows grazing in them. It rains a lot in Great Britain so the vegetation is always rich and green - that is what makes the English countryside so beautiful. But there are also dry country. Dry country is a place, where no spirits are saved on Sundays and Saturdays and all pubs are closed. Now about ninety percent inhabitans live in towns and about five percent work in agliculture. Great Britain is the oldest industrial country in the world. The industrialisation begin in the second half of sixteen century and in the nineteen century it was the greatest exporter of industry. The most important industries are aircraft and car industry, iron and steel industry, engineering, chemical and textil industry and ship building. Also there are big coal fields especially in Wales around the Cardif and in Scotland around Glascow.
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