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New Zealand (A jewel lost in Pacific)
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This monicker belongs to island lying in South Pacific Ocean – New Zealand. However, I have never been to New Zealand, I think, New Zealand is one of the most beautifull places in the world (consider to photos). New Zealand is one of the loneliest civilized countries, is a country of islands , small and big, all scattered in South Pacific Ocean. The enormous Pacific Ocean separates it from the coast of Chile and the empty ocean stretches to the Antarctic and Polynesia.

New Zealend’s teritory is made of several groups of islands. The main part of the country consists of two large islands, the North Island and the South Island, and also smaller islands (the Chatham Island and Stewart Island) located near the coast of the North and South Islands. Within the political boudaries of New Zealand are also Campbell Island, the Island of Solander and Bounty and Auckland Island. They are called minor islands or Subantarctic Islands. New Zealadn’s teritory extends from the south pole almost to the equator.

New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy. It is independent state of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Its sovereign is Elizabeth II, Queen of the UK and also of New Zealand. Her representative is the governor general who acts as chief of state when she is not in New Zealand. He doesn’t govern and his functions are normal. New Zealand’s flag has “union jack“ in upper left corner and four star southcross in the right half. The anthem of New Zealand is God save the Queen and the official language is english. New Zealand’s capital is Wellington in the North island. Wellington has more than 342500 inhabitants and politically and geographically is Wellington the most important city in the country. Its harbour is one of the finest in the world. Wellington is seat of many principal public buildings including the Houses of parliament, the National art gallery and Dominion museum, its also seat of one of the finest educational institutions – Victoria University. The major of the country population’s reside in the towns of Auclanland and Wellington in the North Island and two major cities in the South Island are Cristchurch and Dunedin.

The climateof New Zealand is more like Italy and Sicily, than the British Isles. Along the South Island runs the massive mountain know as Southern Alps. The highest peak is Mount Cook, which attain the height of 3,764 metres. The South Pacific is a region of high volcanic and seismic activity.
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