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Prague is the capital of the Czech republic,the biggest, oldest and the most important city ,the seat of parlament and of government authorities.The town covers an area 496 km2,it has 1,2 mil inhabitants,the highest point lies 399 m,the lowest 177 m above sea level.The density of population is 2438 inhabitants per 1 km2.Prague is the biggest industrial,commercial and financial centre of Czech republic too.
Of Prague´s history:
The Slav population began to seattle in Prague basin the second half of the 6th century. The history of the Prague Castle as a residence of Czech dukes and of the Přemyslid dynasty begins at the end of 9 th century.As late as in the 9th century the small Our Lady´s church was founded here,later the Basilica of St.George and the Rotunda of St.Vitus,the latter being replaced by a triple-naved Romanesque basilica at the end of 11th century.Another pricely castle Khrasten,later called Vyšehrad ,joined with the old Czech legends originated on the other bank of the River Vltava in the first half of 10th century.
During 11th century the centre of the economic life began to shift from the settlement under the Castle(today Lesser Town) to the other side of the river Vltava.The main market-square was today´s Old Town Square.The snone bridge of Queen Judita led over river in the 12th century.The Czech king and German Emperor Charles the fourth gave the world famous Gothic feature to mediaeval Prague.He built the Charles bridge and beside Old Town he founded the New Town,as well as one of the oldest universities in Europe.With the help of prominent architects and sculptors he ordered the new St Vitus ´sCathedral .founded by his father Jan Lucemburský ,to built.
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