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Renowned as the producer of football teams, comedians, and the Beatles, Liverpool was once Britain's principal port. Waterfront
Liverpool - the very name conjures up pictures of tall ships and wild seas. The best place to start your adventure in this great seaport is the waterfront.The Albert Dock has been developed as a tourist centre, and the award-winning Merseyside Maritime Museum traces Liverpool's history as a major port and departure point for emigrants to North America and Australia.

To best appreciate the cultural richness of Liverpool, make your starting point St George's Plateau. Here, you will find a feast of classical buildings, housing a superb choice of both historic and contemporary culture.
The story of the Beatles is told in an exhibition nearby, while the Tate Gallery Liverpool and the Walker Art Gallery have the best collections of British art outside London.
Along the street is the much-loved theatre repertory company, the Everyman Theatre. On the subject of theatres, sample a little theatre history by visiting the Playhouse (Williamson Square), Britain's longest established repertory theatre. Three other theatres in the city are well worth a visit: The Royal Court (Roe Street), The Neptune (Hanover Street) and The Empire (Lime Street).
Classical music lovers will find the home of the renowned Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the Philharmonic Hall (Hope Street).

Liverpool is one of the few cities in the world to boast two cathedrals. Liverpool Cathedral is the largest Anglican cathedral in Europe and one of the major buildings of this century. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is a unique Catholic cathedral.

The City of Liverpool has an enormous choice of shopping. Interesting speciality shops and markets abound from the Albert Dock, Church Street and Bold Street to Paddy's Market. If shopping is your passion, you'll find just what you're looking for in this cosmopolitan city. The streets around the centre contain many specialist shops from designer clothing to antiques.
Liverpool's shops are now open "8 days-a-week".

Pubs, clubs and dining out
Liverpool was once said to have an ale-house on every corner,for example:
The Vines, The Philharmonic, Flanagan's Apple and The Cavern Club.

Liverpool is known throughout the world for its football clubs (Liverpool & Everton), it's race courses, and quality golf links.
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