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The USA - United States of America
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The USA - ''Melting spot''
The USA - United States of America is situated in North part of America berwwen Canada from north and Mexico from South. By water it's surrounded by Atlantic and Pacific ocean. Its size is like Europe's. It has 243 millions citizens. It has beautiful scenery with a lot of mountains and rivers. There is also the oldest national park - Yellowstone, which is very famous for tourists. And also Mississippi is famous for its name. The Niagara falls are divided between USA and Canada. It's border for these two countries. It consist of 3 lakes. Florida, Hawaii and other island and reggions close to the sea or ocean is famouse for its beaches.
The North-East part of USA consists of the cities with highest population. Cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia are situated here.
The North part of USA is famous for coal and iron mining. States as Dakota, Minnesotta, Wisconsin etc. are here.
The Middle part of USA is famous for its tornados. There are damageful, but they are llocated. Its also famous for a soap-opera, which was situated here - Dallas.
The South part of USA is famous for its Florida. There are a lot of fine beaches. For example Miami beach is very popular and a lot of serials were filmed here.
The South-West part of USA is famous for its cities. There is a big desert and in the midle of it there grew up a rich city called Las Vegas, popular for its casinos. It's home for more cars than people.
In West part of USA there are Rocky mountains famous for its mouintains of course. There is a city called Loas Angeles. It's named after Spanish word "Los Angelos", which means "the city of angels." It's subborn called Hollywood is famous for its move industry, which was highly developed in 60's. A lot of great actors filmed here. Another subburn Beverly Hills is home for more and more actors and pop-stars. And also for its serial "Beverly Hills 902 10."

The history of USA is not long, but it has developed a lot. Probalby the first exploraters from Europe, which founded America were Normand (leaded by the Viking Ericsson in 1000 A.D.) The second explorater was Christopher Columbus, who founded America in 1492 A.D. The another great explorer came here few years later. Amerigo Vespuci sailed around the whole America continent and because of his name the continent America is called America. ;) Then some settlers came here and made the ground liveable.
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