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About Bratislava
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Today Bratislava has 470 000 inhabitants.
The pearl on the Danube is called our capital - Bratislava. It's a beautiful city situated in the south-west part of Slovakia. In the past it was an important junction of the main trades and nowadays it's a gate to Slovakia from Austria and Hungary. Bratislava is situated among the warmest places in Slovakia -in the Danube lowland. It offers a lot of oportunities how to use your free time. The history of the city is very rich. The first settlers - Celts from Boi were in the area by Danube 2000 year ago, because they have seen flat and fertile land. After 1st century the Romans settled Posonium – Pozsony, hungarian name for Bratislava. During 5th and 6th centuries Slavs moved in Slovakia, they revolting against Avarians and built own state, Nitra was the capital – eastern part GREAT MORAVIAN EMPIRE. Since 895 until 1918 Slavs lived under a foreign power – Hungarian. During this era Matthias Corvinus built first university in Slovakia in Bratislava – Academia Istropolitana – 1465.
Turkish invasion changed the capital to Bratislava.
Nineteen kings and queens were crowned in St. Martin Catheral.
In 19th century was the era of Magyarization. After WW I. the Austrio-hungarian empire fell into ruin. Bratislava became a part of Czechoslovakia. Between 1939 – 1945 was Bratislava a capital of Slovak fascist state. 30th October 1968 Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Socialist Federal Republic. It was a base split of Czechoslovakia at 1st January 1993.

In Bratislava is very famous Bratislava Music Festival
Zlate Piesky, the most popular „beach“.

The only thing, that stayed as a memory of large walls around the town, is Michael's gate. Michael´s gate is the recognizable symbol Old Tower.
Another historical monuments: Námestie SNP – Slovak National Uprising Square, there are a trio of giant bronze statues, Grassalkovich palace – the residence our president, Bratislavský castle – it was built in 15th century, Bratislavský castle has towers 885 meters over the river Danube, it is residence Slovak National Council and Government, in 1960 was there instaled National Miseum in Bratislava, exponents in cover the history of the castle and early slovak history.
National Theatre was built in 1884-1886.
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