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Washington D.C.
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Senate Wing is in the north, the House of Representatives is in the south. On the top is the bronze Statue of Freedom
§ Thomas Jefferson Building, Union Station, City Post Office and Supreme Court are further extensions of the Capitol
§ Supreme Court is positioned across the street from Capitol
§ Library of Congress is the largest library in existence which contains over 90 million items, and it serves as a national library
§ The world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s works can be found in Folger Shakespeare Library
§ There are many nation’s remarkable monuments and many museums on the Mall
§ Washington Monument is the capital’s most conspicuous landmark. It is the white marble obelisk in the middle of the Mall, ringed by US flags
§ Jefferson Memorial is an adaptation of the ancient Roman Pantheon. The open-air interior is dominated by a bronze statue of T. Jefferson holding the Declaration of Independence
§ Lincoln Memorial is famous for marble statue of seated Lincoln.
§ Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a simple black granite wall engraved with the names of those who were lost in the Vietnam War. § Arlington Cemetery is country’s most revered burial ground; contains graves of over 200,000 military personnel. Also W.H. Taft and J.F. Kennedy are buried here
§ Pentagon is the largest single structure building in the world, it is the headquarter of the Department of Defense
§ To the north of the Washington Monument stands the president’s residence- the White House. First president to occupy the building was the second President – John Adams. Official rooms are on the first floor, the second and third floors are reserved for the family

Shopping and parks:
§ Shopping areas are on Wisconsin Avenue, Connecticut Avenue. Exclusive malls are Watergate and Willard Collection. There are many antique and bookstores on Capitol Hill
§ Most attractive parks are West and East Potomac Parks and Constitution Gardens

§ The biggest concentration of museums can be found on the East Mall. The most outstanding is the Smithsonian Institution. It is comprised of 14 museums and the National Zoo.
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