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It is a storehouse of minerals, including gold, silver, zinc, copper and uranium
o The Great Lakes: consist of St. Lawrence Lowlands, Southern Quebec and Ontario. Contains two largest cities Montreal and Toronto. This region is the sugar maple country, producing grapes, peaches, pears and other fruits
o The Atlantic Provinces: are also called Appalachian Region. It consists of the smallest and oldest provinces, such as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. There are the richest fishing areas and fertile valleys in this region
o The Arctic: although the winters are long, bitterly cold and dark, in the summer can the temperature reach 30 degrees. It is no longer an inaccessible frontier; many places have electricity and can be reached by road or by air
· The first people have arrived to America about 30 000 years ago, by crossing from Siberia to Alaska.
· 1 000 years ago occurred the first contact between Europeans and native peoples, when Icelandic Norsemen settled on the island of Newfoundland
· On the way finding a new route to the Orient, French and English explorers settled here and constructed a number of posts, because of rich fishing grounds and many animals valued for their furs. They settled around Great Lakes and Hudson Bay, in 1497 John Cabot claimed the land for the English Crown, in 1534 planted Jacques Cartier French flag
· In the Treaty of Paris 1763 were most of the French territories given to England and in 1774 Britain passed the Quebec Act which granted recognition to French civil laws and freedoms
· After rebellions in 1848 was the united Province of Canada given from Britain its own government (except in matters of foreign affairs)
· On July 1, 1867 joined together most of Canadian provinces into the Dominion of Canada (the last province to join was Newfoundland in 1949)
· During the prewar period Canada established itself as an industrial and agricultural power. Its substantial role in World War I resulted in its representation distinct from Britain in the League of Nations.
· The Statute of Westminster in 1931 confirmed Canada’s constitutional autonomy from Britain
· Today is Canada one of the world’s strongest countries.
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