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České Budějovice (history)
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Among the most important companies the following have to be mentioned: Budweiser Budvar Brewery, which also accepted the role of an important sponsor (especially in the culture and the healthcare system), pencils manufacturer Koh-i-noor Hardmuth, enamel factory Sfinx or Samson Brewery, run by the joint stock company Jihočeské pivovary (South Bohemian Breweries). The engineering factories then include Motor Jikov or the manufacturer of auto accessories Bosch with a considerable capital share of the German trust. Also a whole range of private and joint stock companies, operating in various fields, were established in České Budějovice: approximately 19,000 such companies were in operation at 1997. Deep changes touched also educational system and culture, spheres that employs approx. 12% of the town inhabitants. Such changes involved especially reorganization of education administration and establishment of private, ecclesiastical and specialized educational institutes. South Bohemian University with the Faculties of Education, Agriculture, Biology, Theology, and Health and Social Studies was opened around 1991. The inhabitants of České Budějovice as well as its visitors can choose from a whole range of cultural events. They include South Bohemian Theatre, which also organizes summer performances on the revolving stage in Český Krumlov, and several smaller theatres. The concert hall of Otakar Jeremiáš or the Music Festival of Ema Destinová offer musical experiences. Rich art-historical, ethnographic and natural historical collections can be visited in the South Bohemian Museum, which among others includes a detailed exhibition elucidating history of the horse-drawn railway. Since 1999 a private museum of historic motorcycles has been open in the town. Fine art lovers can visit one of the local galleries, for instance the South Bohemian Gallery of Mikoláš Aleš or the Art Center. A sculpture symposium is held annually in Stromovka. The exhibition center organizes tens of events every year, the most important of which is the national agricultural exhibition "Bread Basket". Last but not least, the advantage of the town is last but not least extensive green surfaces inviting for walks and relaxation. The winter stadium, the summer and winter swimming pools, the sports hall and other sports and recreation centers provide enough possibilities of active sports. The inauguration of the Arpid Center for rehabilitation of physically handicapped children and youth (1993), a building in the Pekárenská Street easily accessible for the disabled (1992) or the town Asylum house (1996) are important steps taken in the 90s in the sphere of healthcare and welfare. The number of inhabitants of České Budějovice in the 90s was running just below 100,000.
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