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It is a museum of armour, arms and instruments of torture now. There are also the Crown Jewels displayed there.
Tower Bridge: one of many bridges across the Thames. it os not as old as the Tower. Iis parts can be raised to allow ships to pass.
Buckingham Palace: building known to all as the queen`s official London home. It was originally builtfor the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. In 1837 Queen Victoria made Buckingham Palace ger permanent home- the first monarch to do so- and intorduced the custom by which the Royal Standard is flown to show that the Queen is in residence. In the centre of the building there is a stone bacony where the Royal family appear at festive occasions. Every second day there is arranged the spectacular ceremony of changing the guards
The Houses of Parliament are built at gothic style and they seem to be old too, but they aren`t because in 19th century a fire broke out and destroyed everything with exception of Westminster Hall. But as for the place itself, it has been the seat of goverbnebt since the 11th century. The Hoses are situated on the bank of the Themes near the Westminster bridge. The houses are richly decorated. There are two towers-the Clock tower nicknamed "Big Ben" after the popular prime minister Benjamin Hall who was of a stout figure.The second tower is Victoria Tower from which the Royal standard is flowing if the Queen is present at the opening session of the Parliament. The Parliament consist of two Houses: The House of Lords and The House of Commons, numbers of the later are elected and the queen has no access to this House.
Westminster Abbey is situated at the Parliament Square. It is the place where all the English monarchs have been crowned for over 600 years and many of them also buried. There are also graves of famous artists, writers (Chaucer, Dickens, Shakespeare), scientists(Isaac Newton, Darwin)
St. Paul`s Cathedral is the second largest CHristian church in the world (after St. Peter`s in Rome). It was built after the Great Fire in 1666. It is the place where Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married in 1981. The Cathedral is known for its Whispering Gallery. Standing on this gallery you can clearly hear what is whispered on the opposite side 107 feet far from you.
Piccadilly circus is the center of the West End entertainment world. In the middle there is a statue of Eros.
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