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The House of Representatives consists of 435 lawmakers who are elected for two years. The Senate has 100 members - 2 members from each state, who serve six years. The President together with his Vice President is chosen every 4 years. There are two main political parties in the USA - The Democratic Party and The Republican Party.

Capital of the USA
Washington D.C. has the 10th largest population in the country (3.4 million). There are the most important buildings in the USA - the White House - residence of the American President, the Capitol - the seat of the Congress, the Pentagon - the center of military forces. There are no factories and industry in Washington and that is why the city seems so clean and nice. Interesting Places
On the western coast the most well known places are Los Angeles and San
Francisco. Los Angeles is the second largest. Here we can find the famous film center Hollywood. LA is also the center of crime. The biggest zoo in the world is in San Diego. Florida is mainly a tourist area with loud beaches in Miami. Florida also has Disney World and Epcot Center.
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