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The establishment of the Presov College in 1667 attracted to the town a number of able teachers such as Jan Berger, Isaac Caban, Elias Ladiver and others who founded the so-called Presov philosophical school.
Other important personalities of old Presov include Jan Weber, the pharmacist and long time mayor, Jan Adam Raymann who was the first in Europe to inoculate against plague, the humanist poet Jacobs Jacobeus. One of the outstanding Slovak students at the Presov College was the poet P. O. Hviezdoslav in early 1870’s. The most important architectural monuments are
Parish church of St. Nicolas (gothic style)
- is dominant building and the most ancient architectural monument in town. It was the first stone building built in Presov (St. Nicolas = patron of sailors and merchants). There are valuable gothic plastics and the baroque alter in the interior

Evangelical college
- built from public collection (College = ten class gymnasium). It was attented by a number of prominent personalities - P. O. Hviezdoslav, J. Jesenský, J. G. Tajovský.
- A sculptural group on the building is to commemorate murdered victims of Caraffa’s trial and contains a list of their names. The group was created by Béla Markupp (he is an author of giant lions in front of Budapest Parlament) and represents a man in yeoman clothes, ready for execution. He shows no fear of death. He symbolizes 24 martyrs, who were executed in 1687.

Rakoczi Palace (Renaissance style)
František Rakoczi II., the leader of uprising against the Hapsburgs was the last owner of the
building. It is typical seat of wealthy feudal lord. Today there is a Museum of National History.

Neptun Fountain
It is the only reservoir preserved out of 10 town tanks. The fountain represents an island withe
Neptune Surronded by water animals. Markus Holländer had it built as a manifestation of gratitude to
the town for providing civic rights. He was the first Jew to settle in Presov.

St. Mary Sculptural Group (Trinity) (Immaculate)
It is situated on the original place of execution of Caraffa’s trial. Presumably from fear that this place
might become a memorial place of Protestants, the sculptural group was built up here to
commemorate the victims, of plagues whitch caused the death of the majority of Presov population. Calvary (Baroque complex)
Is built on the top of the hill above the town. It is popular place for walks. The whole complex
includes the Way of the Cross, involving 12 chapels, the church of St. Cross and the chapel of Saint

Franciscan church
Is situated near the former town walls.

Cathedral church of dt.
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