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There are also some fountains on the square. Near the square the Town Hall is situated. Along the central street a lot of shops can be seen, e.g. a butcher`s, a greengrocer`s, an iron – monger`s, a bookseller`s, a florist`s, toy – shops, boutiques or department stores. These days the center of the town is being under reconstruction.
Our town doesn’t seem to be too old. There were built a lot of new buildings. Most people live in blocksof flats and some in their own houses.
In the town there is a whole rangs of institutes and specialized organizations connected with agriculture as well as industrial concerns in the fields of engineering, electronics, textiles, ceramics and building construction, with several manufacturing cooperatives.
There are 9 basic school in Michalovce, secondary education functions with 2 grammar schools, 4 specialist vocational schools, one art school and 5 apprentice schools, in addition to 2 university fieldwork center.
Public health services are provided by a wide network of clinics in addition to the hospital with its outpatients department. Among the most important organizations in the field of culture belong the civic and regional cultal centers, the Zemplin Museum, the youth leisure and entertainment center called Lúč, the county observatory, county library, and the building of the national culture agency Matica Slovenska. Several sports clubs and range of sports centers cater for people’s sporting needs. For recreation in the area of the town there is the forest park of Biela Hora, the lake at Vinne, and another called Morske Oko (Sea’s Eye), but above all the extensive inland sea Zemplinska Sirava with its five recreation and leisure resorts. Zemplinska Sirava is 11 km long and 3,5 km wide, with a maximum depth of 14 meters and a total area of 33 square km. The average annual temperature is 9-10 °C, but the summertimes average is 20 °C, and on the hottest, “tropical” days it goes well over 30 °C. There are thus extremely good conditions here for swimming, water sports and angling, as well as hiking in the nearby Vihorlat forests. The holiday centers – Biela Hora , Hôrka, Medvedia Hora, Kamenec and Palkov – can be reached from the roat which skirts the lake on the north side.
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