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History of Great Britain
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The king, Charles I was defeated, and executed in 1649. Oliver Cromwell became head of state, and Britain continued with this form of government only for a brief period. Cromwell died, his son became head of state, but was not a popular choice. Parliament invited the son of the dead king to re-take the throne. So Britain resumed a monarchy under Charles II in 1660
This period cover the restoration of the monarchy - Charles II, James II , William III and Anne. With the succession of the German House of Hanover, parliamentary rule became properly established. The basis of our modern political parties came into being with the Whigs and the Tories. Britain prospered, with the creation of her Empire (though the American Colonies were lost). The industrial revolution brought about a more urban society. Little money had to be spent on debilitating wars, until Europe slid into World War I
Republicanism had failed, the monarchy restored, Charles II fell out with parliament, James II was overthrown
On Anne's death the country choose a distant Protestant relation to succeed. George of Hanover and his descendants ruled for the next century
Another historically glorious period. Britain was a world force, the British Empire spanned the globe, Victoria was on the throne
The twentith century has seen Britain fight two world wars at considerable human and crippling economic cost. It has seen also the largely peaceful dismantling of the British Empire. The result has been that Britain has struggled to come to terms with its new place in the world order. It has been, and still is, unclear as to whether her role would be in a united Europe, or as a separate state on the perifery of Europe.
On the social front votes came to women in the late 1920s and to all people over 18 in the 1980s. Like many countries we played with socialism - nationalised railways, coal mines, telephones, health, etc. And have now led the way in dismantling state control, though we still do have a National Health Service (just)
A war fought on an epic scale for no good reasons.
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