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Green hills are perfect for golf.

Farming is the most important part of economy. The climate is mild and wet, it's good for cows and sheep. Irish wool is of high quality. It is made into warm woollen sweaters. The sweet, bright green grass has given Ireland its second name - the Emerald Isle.
As there is coal or oil, people use peat for fuel. You cut it out of the ground and dry it. They also use it to produce electricity. Fishing is another important industry. They sell much of their fish abroad. History
Ireland is divided into two parts. The larger part is the Republic of Ireland - Eire. The Smaller part is the province of Northern Ireland - part of the United Kingdom, called province of Ulster.

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and Belfast is the main city of Northern Ireland. Other big cities are Limerick and Cork in the South.
For several hundred years the British ruled Ireland and the Irish worked their land. In the 16th century Britain became Protestant. The Irish remained Catholic. The British made things difficult for them: they couldn't buy the land, hold office or join the army. Many of them emigrated to North America, Australia or Canada where they could be free (Many people left. They left for America…). In 1840's there was a terrible famine (crop failed), many people died, many left their homes to stay alive. Ireland lost almost half its population over the years. Dublin is a city of over half a million people, on the River Liffey near the east coast. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. It has some beautiful architecture, especially its 18th century squares and terraced houses. It is famous for its pubs, where you can enjoy a pint of stout, the heavy, dark beer of Ireland.
Dublin has many churches - the oldest is St Patric's Cathedral, where Jonathan Swift (the author of Gulliver's Travels) is buried.
Trinity College, Dublin, founded in the 16th century is one f the oldest universities in the world. Here you can see "the Book of Kells" written and painted by Irish monks 1,200 years ago - a precious work of art. The complicated designs are painted on animal skins.
The President's House is in Phoenix Park, one of the biggest parks in Europe.
The Parliament building is called the "Dail" in Irish. There are two political parties "Fianna Fail" and "Fine Gael". Industry: There is very little heavy industry; they are developing their economy by inviting high-technology companies.
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