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Natural resorts:

The Vysoke Tatry (High Tatras) are the only truly alpine mountains in Eastern Europe and one of the smallest high mountain ranges in the world. Narrow, rocky crests soar above wide glacial valleys with precipitous walls. The lower slopes are covered by dense coniferous forest. Enhancing the natural beauty packed into this relatively small area (260 sq km) are 30 valleys, almost 100 glacial lakes and numerous bubbling streams. A network of 600km of hiking trails reaches all the alpine valleys and many peaks. The red-marked Tatranska magistrala trail follows the southern crest of the Vysoke Tatry for 65km through a striking variety of landscapes. August and September are the best months for high-altitude hiking; July and August are the warmest and most crowded months. Snow can begin falling as early as September and the higher trails are closed from November to about April, when skiers flock to the area. The best center for visitors is Stary Smokovec, a turn-of-the-century resort that is well connected to the rest of the country by road and rail.
The typical animals of higher level of Tatra are chamois and marmot, on the forest level also roebucks, stags, boar, bear, otter, and of course many squirrels always waiting at the trails for some nuts from tourists. The sky of Tatra belongs to the eagles.
The Mala Fatra (Little Fatra) Mountains stretch 50km across north-western Slovakia. Krivan (1709m) is the highest peak. At the heart of the national park is Vratna, a beautiful mountain valley
with forested slopes on all sides. Hiking possibilities vary from easy tourist tracks through the forest to scenic ridge walks; in winter the valley transforms into a popular ski resort. There are plenty of places to stay and eat, though midsummer accommodation is tight. The Mala Fatra is an easy day trip from Zilina.

Rivers and Lakes:

The Danube River is the biggest and most famost river in Slovakia. It flows through the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The Danube River is an international waterway that connects the Slovak Republic with Danubian states and through the Rhine - Main - Danube canal it is possible to connect Slovakia to integrated waterways of western Europe. It is one of the biggest European rivers and it flows to The Black Sea. There is a large dam on the Danube called Gabcikovo. It is a large water space great for fishing and many other water sports. The Vah River is the longest Slovak river. The Vah River, with its tributaries Varinka, Kysuca, and Rajcianka, flows through the district.
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