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The United States of America
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New York was originally called New Amsterdam. The city has many attractions of interest for tourist. It draws and fascinates visitors with its skyscrapers. Another interesting place for visitors of New York is the largest Roman Catholic Church and Central Park (N.Y is also the seat of the United Nations) In N.Y is also the Statue of Liberty, which comes from France as a symbol of friendship between these two countries. Other cities and most important ports also are: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego. One of the most famous districts of L.A is Hollywood. It is the center of motion –picture industry. The northern region of the U.S.A is called as New England. It’s the region where some of the first colonist settled. There are also famous universities like Harvard (establish in 1636) and Yale (1701)

The History of The U.S.A
The American continent was probably discovered by Vikings around the year 1000 A.D but they didn’t establish any permanent settlement. For European American continent has been familiar since 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the great continent. The first British colony was founded in Virginia (1607). The thousands of colonist came from Europe because many of them tried to escape the religious or political persecution. The first 13 colonies were under the British control. The colonies were mostly agricultural, especially in the South where African slaves worked on tobacco and cotton plantations. The colonies wanted to lessen their dependence on Britain. British parliament passed acts for taxes on glass, paper and tea. The people in America threw boxes of tea from English ships in to the water. This event is called: The Boston tea party and it was in 1773. The Boston tea party was one of the significant events leading to the American Revolutionary War against England.
In 1774 was establish the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia. The war of independence began in 1775. The most important document of this period is the Declaration of Independence, which was adopted and signed in Philadelphia in 1776. The colonies became states. The most famous American general during this war was George Washington who later became the first president of United States. England and United States signed a treaty in 1783.
The Civil war started in 1861 because they were differences between Southern part and Northern part. Southern states were mainly agricultural and they used slaves for work.
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