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New York
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The community is isolated of the rest of the city and controlled by their own secret organizations. Lot of people visits Ch.T. just for the foot but there is more: galleries, antiques, curio shops, orient festivals and a temple with 100 small golden Buddha’s.
Brooklyn Bridge: it connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. It took 16 years to build this bridge. The architect was John A. Roebling.
Central Park: the biggest park in NY(340 ha). You can find scenic hills, lakes, lush meadows, more than 500 000 trees & shrubs. And throw the time also playgrounds, skating rings, ball fields and spaces for everything from chess and croquet to concerts. But also a big criminality.
Statue of Liberty: situated on the Liberty Island near the Ellis Island. It’s a mark for NY. It was a gift from French to American people. The sculptor was Frédéric-August Bartholdi. His mother was the model for this statue. Lady Liberty is 93 m high, she is used as a observatory. The golden torch which she has it the hand is not the original it`s a replicate with 24 carat. The original is in the main lobby. The crown with the 7 rays represent the 7 sees and 7 continents. On the base of this statue is engraved the poem of Emma Lazur, and there Lady Liberty says: Give me your tired your poor,Your huddled masses will breath free. And till now this statue is a symbol for million of Americans of freedom. NEW YORK

-New York is situated on the northeast coast of America, surrounding of Atlantic Ocean, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York-the state and Delaware.
-it’s made up of five distinct boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

-History: 1524-Giovanni de Verrazano sails into NY harbor as the first one in history
1626-the English man Peter Minuit bought Manhattan from the Indians for $24 of trinkets
Throw NY`s history, the city grows and had experienced periods of economic decline and growth, but in booth good & bad times, it remains one of the worlds most vital city. We now her as the city that newer sleeps or as the “Big Apple”. Lots of film producers use it as the background for their films and lot of singers sing about this city. NY is not interesting just for tourists but also for immigrants. In NY live 15 Million people and 9 Mio. of them are immigrants. In a year million of tourists visit this city.
Ellis Island: in the emigration wave in yers1892 until 1954 it was the gate to America for million of people. Here have they heard if they can entry or must go home.
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