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It is called so because if somebody whispers something close to the wall on one side, a person standing close to the wall on the other side can clearly hear what is said. From the top of the cathedral is a beautiful view of the London.
THE WESTMINSTER Here is the Poet’s corner – the burial of English poets. This area is known for its royal palaces and government offices. The center of the area is Westminster Abbey - one of the biggest Roman Catholic churches in England.
Its history started in the 11th century and since then it has been a coronation church for almost all English kings and queens. Many of then are buried here, too. Close to Westminster Abbey stands the Palace of Westminster better know as the Houses of Parliament. It is situated on the left blank of the river and it’s only one Gothic building.
THE WEST END is famous for its shops and places of
entertainment. Here we can find most of London’s theatres,
cinemas, and nightclubs. The heart of London’s entertainment
world is Piccadilly Circus. In the middle of this square stands the
Statue of Eros. The buildings around Piccadilly are decorated
with bright neons advertising goods and entertainment. It is a
busy Place both at day and night. In the center of the West End is Chinatown - an attractive place
for tourists who can taste traditional Chinese food here in typical Chinese
restaurants. Among the most famous West End’s streets are: Oxford St., Regent‘s St., Carnaby St. /only about 100 m long, it’s full of open-air stalls selling fashion clothes - T - shirts, blue jeans, leather jackets, shoes, bags, sunglasses, records and souvenirs / - very popular among Londoners and visitors, Bond St. /well - known for its art galleries, jewellery shops and luxury goods and the famous auction house Sotheby’s/.
THE EAST END used to be a slum in the 19th century but after heavy bombing during the World War II it was rebuilt. It is historically associated with Cockney dialect / understood only in this part of London and hardly comprehensible even to most of the English.
London is one of the world’s leading financial centers and we can find here all sorts of banks, financial institutions and head - offices of international companies. The best-known building of this place is The Bank of England, which is also called The Old Lady of Thread needle Street and it issues money. The other is Lloyds’ insurance building; all the ships in the world are insured here. The Stock Exchange and Royal Exchange are also situated here. This part of London is known for not meeting the typical Englishmen because now it’s full of new technologies.
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