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But the City is not only the modern center, here are sides too, for example London Wall, Lombard Street, Moor gate and Bishops gate. Here’s the site of the oldest London Bridge, which was built in 1971 and replaced the one.

Before Christ there was a Celtic settlement called Llyndin. After the Roman occupation of England the most important port Londinium originated here. During the rule of Germanic tribes Lundenevic became the capital of the kingdom Essex and since 1066 it has been the capital of the English Kingdom.
In 1665 during the Great Plague, died nearly 70 000 Londoners. After the epidemic was followed the Great Fire at 1666 which destroyed 4/5 of the city (3000 houses, and 97 churches). These two catastrophes destroyed The City.
The Great Fire began in a baker’s shop in Pudding Lane and continued 4 days. After the fire, the City was rebuilt and the buildings were designed by Christopher Wren, for ex. Monument of Great Fire, it’s a column, which is 65 meters high. There are many places of interest.
During the World War II the city was heavily bombed Many buildings were cither damaged of destroyed but by the end of the 1950 most of war damage was repaired.
Parts of London:

The best - known parks and gardens - there’s a great number of them in London and they are excellent places for relaxation, fun and entertainment, sports and cultural events. In the city centre are five parks.
London is noted for its plenty of park spaces. The most notable are the Royal Parks, which were formerly royal estates. These include Saint James's Park and, to the west, Green Park, Hyde Park, and Kensington Gardens. To the north is Regent's Park, and farther upstream along the Thames are Richmond Park, Hampton Court Park, Kew Gardens (are also known as the Royal Botanical Gardens with the largest collection of living plants in the world.), and Bushey Park. Surrounding the Royal Naval College and the old Royal Observatory is Greenwich Park. Other important open spaces include Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill Fields, which overlook London from the north.

Hyde Park (is probably the best - known of them. It’s the largest of the royal
parks. It is famous for its Speaker’s Corner where anybody can come and
speak about any topic.
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