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His listeners /if any/ can ask
him questions and make comments.) ,
Kensington Gardens (has a big cultural center
and Albert Memorial erected in the middle
of the 19 century in memory of Albert, the
husband of Queen Victoria)
Regent’s Park (has two lakes, a ZOO and an open air
The famous shopping centres in London are in Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Oxford Street. The other well-known streets are Carnaby Street, Charring Cross Road and Pall Mall.
The National Gallery - situated on the top of Trafalgar Square. There are paintings by nearly all the great European artists and a large collection of British paintings and sculptures. It is free of charge.
Trafalgar Square - was named after Admiral Nelson's victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Nelson's statue is situated on a high column. The square is very popular also for its fountains. Many meetings and demonstrations take place there. At Christmas time a big Christmas tree stands there and on New Year's Eve people gathered there at midnight, sing and dance. Whitehall is the street leading from Hoses of Parliament to Trafalgar square, where the government offices are. Horse Guards Parade takes place here.
Downing Street 10 - the official home of British Prime Ministers since 1731, two horse guides stands before the entrance. Today's Prime Minster is Tony Blair.
The Houses of Parliament – It is the political centre of the United Kingdom, the home of British Parliament. It’s building in gothic style but was built only between 1840 - 1852 after the old building had burnt down. The only part, which escaped the fire, was Westminster Hall. There is also a famous clock tower with Big Ben and its characteristic bell ringing. Big Ben striking is known all over the world, because BBC as a time signal uses it.
Westminster Abbey - was founded in the 11th century. Britain's Kings and Queens are crowned there. England's greatest poets, artists, statesmen and other famous people are buried there in the Poet's Corner. The Abbey is an excellent example of gothic architecture. Since 1066 the Abbey is the place where many state occasions and royal weddings take place.
St. Paul's Cathedral - is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. It stands in the City. This great renaissance dome is the work of the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren and it was built in the 17th century. The Cathedral is known for its Whispering Gallery. Standing on the allergy you can clearly hear what is whispered on the opposite said. During the World War II it was badly damaged by bombs. In 1981 Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) and Lady Diana were married here.

The Tower of London - William the Conqueror founded it. Following kings added another parts to the fortifications.
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