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It served as a royal palace first, then as a prison and fortress, execution site and royal observatory. The Tower was built in the 11th century. It is a museum now. The Crown Jewels guarded by the Beefeaters in their traditional Tudor uniforms are kept here.
Other well-known bridges are Waterloo-Bridge and Westminster Bridge. The clock tower with the massive bell called Big Ben is a part of the Parliament’s architecture. The Post Office Tower is the highest building in Great Britain. The Tower was built in the 11th century. It served as a royal palace first, then prison and fortress. It is a museum now. The Crown Jewels are kept here. The Post Office Tower - the tallest building in Great Britain.
Windsor Castle - is the residence of nearly all the British sovereigns outside London. Greenwich - is the seat of the National Maritime Museum where is the Royal Observatory and it is situated at the prime meridian. With its 40 theatres and music halls London is the
centre of Britain’s theatre life. The most important are
The National Theatre (which moved in 1975 to new
buildings on the South Bynk), the Royal Shakespeare
Company (which usually plays in Stratford, but also here in the Barbican
Centre). The Royal Festival Hall and the Royal Albert Hall, the Queen Elizabeth
Hall are the main concert halls.
The National Theatre - was moved to a new building. There are many other theatres and also the royal Shakespeare Company, which usually play in Stratford.
Soho – it’s a place where the worlds of fashion, business, the arts but also strip club, sex shops and peepshows meet. It is also a food lover’s paradise.
Oxford Street – It’s well known shopping centre, where the Royal family goes shopping too.
The British Museum is the largest museum in the world. There are the biggest collection of all kinds of animal and minerals and rocks. There is a collection of fine and applied arts of all countries, periods and styles, e.g. antiquities from ancient Greece, Rome and the Orient, Egyptian mummies, middle Ages manuscripts. The British Museum's library is the largest in the world. Also here the admission is free.

There are 2 places in 1. The first is a
family house, where children can play
and grow up; the second is place where
the presidents and kings go to meet the
Queen. Buckingham palace is like a
small town. There is a hospital, two
sport clubs, post office, swimming
pool, cinema and theatre. There are six
hundred rooms in Buckingham palace
and 3 miles of red carpet.
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