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Allen Woody The Kugelmass Episode (rozbor poviedky)
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He became a lover of Emma Bovary and he decided to take her to New York. They spent a beautiful weekend together at the Plaza Hotel. After two perfect days they went back to Persky.
Kugelmass:”I need to meet a new woman. I need to have an affair.”
(Pg. 370)
Kugelmass:”I can’t afford a second divorce. Daphne would really sock it to
(Pg. 370)
Persky:”Kugelmass, this is Persky.”
Persky:”Persky. Or should I say The Great Persky?”
(Pg. 371)
-Persky reppeared, pushing before him a large object on a sqeaky roller-skate wheels. He removed some old silk handkerchief that were lying on its top and blew away a bit of dust. It was a cheap-looking Chinese cabinet, badly lacquered. –
(Pg. 371)
Persky:”If I throw any novel into this cabinet with you, shut the doors, and
tap it three times, you will find yourself projected into that book.”
(Pg. 371)
Kugelmass:”French. I want to have an affair with a French lover.”
(Pg. 371)
Kugelmass:”What about Emma Bovary? That sound to me perfect.”
(Pg. 371)
-As the month passed, Kugelmass saw Persky many times and developed a close and passionate relationship with Emma Bovary. –
(Pg. 373)
-That night safely returned to Persky’s flat, Kugelmass brought up the idea of having Emma visit him in the big city. –
(Pg. 374)
-At Persky’s Emma climbed into the cabinet, arranged her boxes of clothes neatly around her, and kissed Kugelmass fondly. –
(Pg. 375)

Emma was siting in cabinet, but nothing happened. Something went wrong.
-Persky rapped three times on the cabinet. Nothing happened. –
(Pg. 375)

Kugelmass took Emma back to the Plaza. She spent there another week, but it was nothing like the first weekend. She wanted Kugelmass to marry her or to send her back. When Persky had reparied the cabinet, they send her back and for few weeks was Kugelmass calm. Than, after three weeks, he again went to see Persky.
Emma:”Get me back into the novel or marry me.”
(Pg. 375)
-Again the lovers hurried into the magician’s apartment, and Emma Bovary climbed into the cabinet with her boxes. This time there was no kiss. Persky shut the doors, took a deep breath, and tapped three times. There was the reassuring popping noise, and when Persky peerd inside, the box was empty. Madame Bovary was back in her novel. –
(Pg. 376)
Kugelmass:”It’s over. I learned my lesson.”
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