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Allen Woody The Kugelmass Episode (rozbor poviedky)
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-Three weeks later, at the end of a beautiful spring afternoon, Persky answered his doorbell. It was Kugelmass, wiet a sheepish expresion on his face.”
(Pg. 376)

Kugelmass wanted to be sent to a “Portnoy’s Complaint”. But something went wrong, cabinet exploted, Persky died and Kugelmass had been projected into an old Spanish textbook.
-Persky tossed in a copy of “Portnoy’s Complaint” and rapped three times on the box. This time, instead of popping noise there was a dull explosion, followed by a series of crackling noises and shower of sparks. Persky leaped back, was seized by a heart attack, and droped dead. The cabinet burst into flames, and eventually the entire house burned down. Kugelmass, unware of his catastrophe, had his own problems. He had not been thurt into “Portnoy’s Complaint” or into any other novel, for that matter. He had been projected into an old textbook, “Remedial Spanish”, and was running for his life over a barren, rocky terrain as the word ”tener” (“to have”) – a large and hairy irregular verb raced after him on its spindly legs. –
(Pg. 377)
Kugelmass is a professor of humanities at City College. He is unhappily married for second time and has two sons with his first wife. He is bald and hairy. He is bored with his life and he needs affair, but he doesn’t want a divorce. At first, he loves Emma Bovary, but after one week with her in New York, he doesn’t want to see her again. He hasn’t taught himself a lesson with Emma, so he ended in an old textbook.

This story takes place in New York in the 70s’ and also in France (Yonville), in time of Emma Bovary.

This story is written in 3rd person and author is observer. 5. LANGUAGE AND STYLE
Language in this book is not very difficult to understand. Allen uses a slang language and special words used in New York in the 70s’.
“How you doing, cupcake?”
(Pg. 373)

Symbol in this story is the dream and this story is whole an ironic vision of USA, New York, in 70s’.
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