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Allen Woody The Kugelmass Episode (rozbor poviedky)
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Woody Allen, with his own name Allen Stewart Konigsberg, was born in New Yourk in 1935. He grew up there and tired to study. He was expeled out of the University of New Yourk and also the NY’s City College. At the age of 15 he began to write his first quips for newspaper columists, using the name Woody Allen. Then he wrote for radio and television performers, worked as a night club comedian and in 1964 started his very succesful film carier. He first directed his own film, What’s New Pussycat?, in 1966. Until now, he has made at least 20 movies, three theatre plays and published three collectins of humorous works. I’m not able to write here about all his films, but some like Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid o Ask), Crimes and Misdemeanors, Mighty Aphrodide or Manhatan Murder Mystery are really great. He received four Academy Awards for Annie Hall. From his book I just love and Side Effects. In his life, the only think Allen regrets in that he is not someone else. Not very surprisingly, this little anecdote is out of the great Side Effects. It has all peculiar Allen’s characteristic. It feateures typical confused underachievier in Allen’s beloved New Yourk. I like this story very much, because of Allen’s great humor, funny dialogues, perfectly use slang and very very crazy plot. The name Woody Allen is like a trade mark. It always means something intelligent, funny and absolutely unexpected. 1. PLOT AND STRUCTURE




This story takes place in New York, where professor Kugelmass lives. Kugelmass is a professor of humanities at City College and is unhappily married for second time. He finds his wife Daphne boring and he wants new women, but he doesn’t want a divorce. - Kugelmass, a professor of humanities at City College, was unhappily married
for the second time. Daphne Kugelmass was an oaf. He also had two dull sons by his first wife, Flo, and was up to his neck in alimony and child
support. –
(Pg. 370)

One night, strange man called Persky called Kugelmss. The Great Persky was a magician and he promised to help Kugelmass. He had invited Kugelmass to his house and showed him a strange Chinese cabinet. Persky told Kugelmass that he could take him to every novel play or poem he wants. Kugelmass chosed Emma Bovary. In next few months Kugelmass visited Persky many times.
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