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Three pig

Three Pig live at green meadow.
Every are build Haus. The first are build Haus of straw. The second are build Haus of wood. The are build Haus of brich.
The third Pig talking the erst Pig.
“These Hous from straw is very easy and wolf your Hous blow and your eat. “
Pig don’t hear and take a rest.
The third Pig talking the second Pig.
“Your Hous is strong but enough that wolf yout Hous demolisn’t and your wolf eat.”
And not even second Pig his advice don’t hear.

And day with good “D” come.
Wolf coming to erst Hous Pig and easy Hous demolishen.
Pig run and hide are at the second Pig in to House.
Wolf coming to second Hous and Housis also demolish.
Two Pig ran and hide are at the thri Pig in to Hause of brich.
Wolf comin to thir Hous and Hous don’t demolish because Housis is very straw and Pig are happy that are living and dance in House. Wolf all unhappy go away to wood in food.
Two Pig paz the remainder of at our stupidity. Three Pig live happy till .. . The End.

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