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William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet
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In this tragedy William Shakespeare experiments with comic materials – the hyperbole of ormantic love, brawling servants, fussy old fathers, garrulous and bawdy nursers – but transform them into tragedy.
It is a beautiful lyrical story about the tragic love and death of two young lovers Romeo and Juliet, the only children of two power houses of Verona – the Capulets and the Montagues, which hate each other.

One day members of the Capulet and the Montague families start to fight in the centre of the city. The officers, old Capulet and his wife and old Montague with his wife all came to took part in the fight. Prince Escalus, the hightest representative of political jusitce in Verona, arrived.He commanded them not to make any more trouble. Then he told them to leave that place.
Lady Montague asked where her son Romeo was adn said how pleased she was he had not been involved in the fight. Benvolio, Montague´s nephew, said that he had seen Romeo very early that morning walking all alone in a wood. Montague said that he was very worried about his son. Benvolio said he would try to find out what the matter was with Romeo.

After a few questions Benvolio discovered that Romeo was in love with a girl called Rosaline but she did not love him. He tried to comfort Romeo.
Meanwhile, Count Paris was talking to old Capulet, Juliet´s father, about the possibility of his marriage to Juliet. Capulet replied that she was only fourteen years old and too young for marriage and he also wanted her to choose by herself. Capulet said that he give a feast at this time every year and there will be dancing and Paris can meet Juliet there. Capulet called a servant and gave him the lsit of dinner guests, ordering him to ask all the lsited people to dine with him that evening. But the servant could not read so, seeing Benvolio and Romeo nearby he approached them and asked them to read the list for him. Romeo began ro red the names aloud to him. As he readed Rosaline´s name too he decided to go to the feast just to see her.

Lady Capulet and Juliet were at home with Juliet´s old Nurse. She said she hopes to live enough to see Juliet marry. Juliet´s mother asked what she thought about being married. Juliet replied that she had not given much thought to the idea of marriage. Lady Capulet said that Count Paris asked for Juliet´s hand.
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