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Joanne Kathleen Rowling Harry Potter and the Sorcerrer's Stone
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This is the first story about adventures of Harry Potter and his friends Ron and Hermione. Harry is a normal boy, living with an unpleasant Dursley’s – aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and their conceited son Dudley. For that eleven years, Harry’s used to neverending teasing from Dudley and hate from both aunt and uncle. Actually they have never bought Harry any present and he doesn’t even has his own room. He lives in a poor cupboard under the stares…
So, Harry thinks he is an ordinary boy, just Harry and nobody important at all, until strange things begins to happen aound him. During a visit in a Zoo he finds out that he can talks to the snakes and suddenly…PUF! Glass from the snake’s aquarium is vanished! This really doesn’t happen to normal boys. Afterwards, Harry is rescued from his misery by an owl. It brings him tons of letters from Hogwarts School of Whitchcraft and Wizardry than he finally memages to get from envious Dursley’s and heads for his new and exciting life. Harry finds out his own fate an true story of his life, that he’s a famous wizard and althought he doesn’t know, every wizards of this world know him as a legend boy who only lived an attack of terrible and cruel lord Voldemort who gave him a scar on forehead and who killed both his parents. Now is Voldemort coming back…
Harry is taken to a platform nine and three quarters by his huge, big friend Hagrid and he travels by the Hogwarts train to his new home - as he calls it. On his way he meets red headed boy Ron Weasly and little arrogant girl Hermione Granger who happens to be Harry’s best friends. After arrival every new students are sorted to their school houses – Gryffindor, Huflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and talking and very smart Sorting Hat puts Harry among Gryffindor’s just because he asks for it. Since that many people in Hogwarts like him but he also has his enemies. Draco Malfoy a creepy boy from Slytherin, who can’t take that Harry likes Ron and Hermione instead of him, is still hanging around and always causes troubles.
Once Harry, Hermione and Ron are out of bed at night they get to third floor and somehow to forbidden corridor and right in front of a three headed dog that is standing on some kind of trapdoor.
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