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R. L. Stevenson Dr. Jekkyl & Mr. Hyde

Mr. Utterson was the lawyer and he was quiet, serious man. He ate and drank simply, and he enjoyed the theatre. Also he was very good man. He was ready to help anybody. Mr. Utterson`s best friend was a distant cousin called Richard Enfield, who was well known as a fun/loving man. They often took long walks together, through the streets of London. On one of these walks, they found doors without bell. They had knocker. Mr. Utterson wanted to know about the doors and Mr. Enfield told him a story: I was coming home about three o’clock in a black winter morning. I saw a big man and little child. They bumped into each other, and the child fell down. Then a terrible thing happened. The man walked all over the child’s body with his heavy boots. The man went away, but there was a doctor, who was coming back to home, and he helped to the child. Then came child’s parents and doctor and I stop the man. He said, how much money we want. We said hundred pounds for the child’s family. He gave to us ten pounds in gold and a cheque for ninety pounds. The name on cheque was a well/known name. And we know another thing. That cruel man on the street, his name was Mr. Hyde. Some days after that, was in Mr. Utterson`s office man called Dr. Henry Jekkyl. Mr. Jekkyl was there with his last will. He was very good man. In his last will was written: I wish to give everything, if I die to my dear friend Edward Hyde. Later, Mr. Utterson was finding Mr. Hyde and everything about him. But one winter night he met him and he talked with him. He gave to Hyde his address. Then the lawyer went to the Dr. Jekkyl. Jekkyl told to lawyer, that he must help to Hyde, after Jekkyl die. A year later a servant girl was sitting near the window. She saw a terrible murder. She said that the murderer was Mr. Hyde. He killed the man with his stick. The girl called the police, and told everything. Police found into a pocket of dead man letter addressed to Mr. Utterson. Later Mr. Utterson recognized the body and said, that is Sir Danvers Carew. The police inspector went to Hyde’s house and he found a murderer weapon. He wanted to catch Hyde, but he hadn’t photograph for the “WANTED” notice. Later Mr. Utterson went to Doctor Jekkyl. Mr. Utterson saw his laboratory and he looked around curiously. He had a long talk with Jekkyl about Hyde. But Jekkyl received letter. It was written in a strange handwriting and signed Edward Hyde. Hyde wrote that Jekkyl hadn’t to worry about Hyde. Mr.

Utterson called specialist of handwriting. That specialist told that the letter wrote Henry Jekkyl….

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