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Henry Forsberg tries to explain, why they wanted to stay in anonymity and wanted to clear up all misunderstandings. This dialogue between Northclife, Forsberg and Werner ends the first part of a book, situated in England. Second part is dedicated to the Werner’s and Forsberg’s searching for secret chamber in pyramid in Egypt. Here they meet their “old pal” Mike Bellows, who lives a poor life of beggar in here (Egypt). And (according to my opinion) here is the second conflict of a book. The finding of chamber and the chase for our two archaeologists realised by colonel Chalid and Bellows – these two criminals want the treasure they doubt is hidden in the chamber.
The first conflict is in the first part – the searching and investigation that is done by inspector Northcliffe.
But back to the story: at the end, Werner and Forsberg are in the chamber, but they realised that Bellows damaged the mechanism which can open the way back, so they are imprisoned here. Bellows’ grasping for treasure, gold and fame caused his death – two big stones in secret corridor crushes his legs and bleeds to death. Step after step and hour after hour, Werner and Forsberg finally finds the way out from this internal pyramidal labyrinth…
Henry Forsberg – educated archaeologist, faithful and devoted friend, skilled in therapeutics.
Jonathan Werner – the member of sophisticated family, but an adventurous type of man, intelligent and learned in archaeology.
Inspector Northcliffe – a man who never gives up, he opposes to all and tries to find out the real circumstances of all case. I think that he is a bit tied in manners but he has great deductive ability.
Book has 31 chapters. 25 chapters are situated in England and last 6 chapters in Egypt.

I really like this novel because it is catchy and I was really scared reading the parts about immortals and adventures in Egypt. I think that the author has a great skill (or talent) to describe the characters and country. His feeling for foreign countries – such as England and Egypt – is really tremendous. He couloured all smells and colours of Egyptian market vividly, so you feel like you are here, like you see it all through author’s eyes.
I would like to recommend it to those readers who like a little bit of freezing on a back during reading.
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