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Sven Grossman Club of Immortals (Klub nesmrteľných)
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My favourite free time activity is reading. Literature is for me a passion because it consists of fun, edification and knowledge. The books, which interested me, are those, which theme is actual, gripping and well processed. I like also themes from history and future – that means I like both: facts and fiction.
I would like to present you a book, which I read with bated breath. It is an intriguing thriller which story is situated into England and Egypt, in second decade of 21st century. The author of this book is Sven Grosman. The title implies what is all story about - THE CLUB OF IMMORTALS.
The story begins at cemetery in Oakbury. Two men, Mike Bellows and Rupert Harding, dig the tomb of Henry Forsberg, hoping that they discover the biggest sensation of our times: he is immortal, he never dies!!! And really – the coffin is empty! But the night and scaring atmosphere of place creates so terrifying pictures in their minds that they hopelessly run away. After some months inspector Northclife is called to resolve complicated case: somebody murdered someone in the family sepulchre of respectable family of Werner. He finds some strange tracks, which leads deep into the history of discovers of archaeology. Foreigner in horrible state of health is meanwhile bring to the hospital. He has a cancer in such a waste extent of internal organs, that it is almost a miracle that he is still alive. He speaks an unknown language and doesn’t remember, who is he and where does he came. He arouses the interest of public concern but is stolen sooner than the medical research can only start. The tracks lead to the strange relations between history of both families: Werner and Forsberg. After the examination of witnesses and investigation of all circumstances inspector Northcliffe finds out a mystery: Henry Forsberg and Jonathan Werner didn’t die! When they were in Egypt on an archaeologist expedition, they discovered a secret chamber in the Big Pyramid of Giza. There was some kind of mould, which caused that they couldn’t die – they “ live forever”. Northcliffe is for his reveal considered to be a fool and failed from his work. He goes to the pension but he still wants to find out all about this case. So he search on his own. After two months (during these months he was travelling across the Europe, but he couldn’t forget on this mystery) he finally meets these two immortals.
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