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Jane Stone The Man
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The man whose name was only He

The man was lonely and not interesting for ordinary people although he was a person of much better behaviour than others.

I will try to describe the main characters, analyze their actions and behaviour and find and explain hidden ideas and messages for the reader. I will try to find some parts of the story, with which I do not agree or agree, and I will try to explain why. IV. OBSAH
The story is about a man who is mysterious and strange for a group of small children which want to find some information about him. He came to live into the house where the small children were usually playing. During several days they are exploring his house and watching him, trying to find what his daily routine looks like. He lives alone and there is no furniture in the rooms of his house but they are all clean and tidy. During the last day of their exploration they find a room which is not like the others. This room is lined with deep, broad shelves on which there are rows of standing dolls. Suddenly the children are interrupted by the man who is surprisingly kind and they are told the man’s story. He is telling them a story of losing his wife during the birth of his daughter who could not walk or talk. He made her dolls and when she died he went on making them. After the story was told the children left and never went into the house again. The man died some time later – alone. V. SETTINGS: a village in the West Riding (p. 125 – ‘…Andy’s brother had been the best clickie in the West Riding…’),
probably the beginning of the 20th century (p. 127 – ‘None of us had heard of spaghetti before.’)

- loner – he lived alone in the house, no friends
- friendly – he did not hurt children
- hospitable – he gave them food
- perceptive – he understood why the children came
- sentimental – he was sorrow about the loss of his family
the children
- curious – analyzing man’s daily routine and way of living
- decent – they apologized to the man
- playful – they were playing in the garden
- continual – they were looking for information about the man for several days
POINT OF VIEW; NARRATOR: first person point of view – innocent eye

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