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William Golding Lord Of The Flies
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1. Author’s name: Sir William Golding
2. Notes on the author, his life and time:
William Gerald Golding was born in Cornwall in 1911. His family was progressive and it was the first source of influence for Golding's talent. He studied physics and English literature at Marlboro and Oxford University of England. From the first years of his life, he faced the atrocities of war. He also took part in the Second World War by joining the British Navy at 1940. The war, as a physical result, changed a lot W.Golding's view of life. W. Golding couldn't believe in man's innocence any longer. He found that even the children are not innocent. No one is innocent until the society and the way of his life make him to pretend that he's innocent. But sometimes, when a man is facing a difficult situation then he will propably show his other nature. After the war (1945-1962), he worked as a teacher in Salisbury. These years he started to act as a writer. He published the books "Lord of the Flies" (1954), "The Inheritors" (1955), "Pincher Martin" (1956) and "Free Fall" (1959). The ideas of W.Golding's view of human nature can be found in almost any of Golding's books. Particularly, in his first and most famous book, "Lord of the flies". This book finally published in 1954 and it didn't become a success at once. Today, it's considering as one of the best books of English literature. It also became a film with great success. William Golding was awarded with the BOOKER Mc CONNEL Prize, the greatest British Literature Prize. Finally in 1983, he was awarded with the NOBEL Prize for his whole offer to the Worldwide Literature. William Golding have teached also in Greece (in 60's). He always loved Greek literature, and many of his books show clearly his Greek influence.
3. Title: Lord Of The Flies
4. Published by: The Putnam Publishing Group, New York
Date of publication: 1954
Number of pages: 202, paperback
Part of series of matching novels: no
5. Genre:
psychological novel – author describes shaping of society of children on the island as happening acording to certain rules.
6. Structure of the work
a) division into: chapters
b) itroduction:
social setting: -
geographical setting: some small island in Pacific ocean
historical setting: during World War II
c) initial incident:
Group of cast away children divides in two rival camps, because some boys, particularly Jack, don’t like the strict, but necessary rules. They want radher have fun, hunt and make feasts.
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