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Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights
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- a writer of a Victorian period – critical realism, age of 19th century
- 5 siblings - 3 died in a young age
- 2 sisters Anne and Charlotte who were famous writers too, brother
- father - a churchman - not expected to write a poetry and novels, so they had to use pseudonyms
-her literary output is different from her sisters. Anne and Charlotte described ordinary persons, but Emily writes about passionate lovers, whose love was not easy. That’s the reason, why some people didn’t believe that that book was written by Emily. Because they knew her style of life and they claimed a women like her, couldn’t be able to write such a passionate story.


- a story of doomed love and revenge. She reveals the violent and rude face of love
- The story takes place in two main settings

1. Wuthering Heights (Earnshaw family)

The people from Wuthering Heights are generally angry, ill tempered and often immoral. These attitudes are clearly reflected through the large, cold and dark house, situated on the top of a ruthless hill on the moors. The house is described as “grotesque”, with “strong…narrow windows…deeply set in the wall.

2.Thrushcross Grange (Linton family)

More cultivated, calm house, filled with light and warmth, situated in a valley of the moors. Its inhabitants are generally more refined, with more morals and calmer attitudes than those of Wuthering Heights.

-narrated by 2 persons:
- Lockwood - a gentleman visiting the Yorkshire moors
- Mrs. Ellen Dean - a servant of a Ernshaws family

Mr. Lockwood was a new leaseholder of Thrushcross Grange and he asked Mrs. Dean to tell him a story of that interesting family. Hindley Earnshaw lived with his wife at Wuthering Heights. They had a son Hindley and a daughter Catherine.

Once Mr. Earnshaw went to Liverpool and he came back after three days. He brought with him a small gipsy boy and he called him Heatcliff. Mrs. Earnshaw wanted him to go away, but her husband didn’t allow it, so he became a member of a family. Catherine was very happy because of him, they were very good friends but Hindley hated him. After the two years Mrs. Earnshaw died and after a short time Mr. Earnshaw too.

One day Heatcliff and Catherine went to Thrushcross Grange. They were looking inside through the window how Edgar and Isabell are playing some game. But Linton’s dog found them and hurt Catherine. When they found out who Catherine is, they took her inside. Heatcliff run home. Catherine and Linton became very good friends, and later, he asked her to marry him and she agreed. One day she was talking with Mrs. Ellen and she said her, she like Heatcliff very much but she couldn’t marry him, because she would make a fool of herself. But problem was, that Heatcliff hear them speaking and he run away from country for three years.

Edgar and Catherine had a daughter Cathy.

After three years Heatcliff came back, he played cards with Hindley and he won Wuthering Heights. Heatcliff married Isabell and they run away, but after short time they come back and moved to Wuthering Heights.

Isabell wasn’t very happy with Heatcliff, but they had a son Linton and Isabell died. There were very complicated relationships but in the end, Cathy got married happily.

The point of story:

1.Bad person can change to good one, but good person can change to bad one too.
2.Everyone has good and bad qualities, it depends on himself, which of them will be dominant
3. Critique of selection partners from the same social class

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