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Graham Swift Postmodernism in Graham Swift's
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The use of the royal blue Mercedes limousine instead of a regular funeral hearse can be considered the crucial symbol because of two reasons. Firstly, Vince did actually give a thought to this selection because he wanted to please his father with glamour on his last journey since he has not done so while his father was alive. And secondly, low speed of the car and silence inside it while driving through Margate also suggest a symbolic use.
“ Seems to me the only time a man can get what he asks is when he’s dying. Though he didn’t ask for an S-Class Merc, extra long wheelbase, walnut dash. So I hope he damn well appreciates it, I hope he damn well does. “
/Last Orders, p. 23/

“ Vince lets the car roll slowly forward, barely touching the gas, as though it knows what to do, a Merc has a mind of its own, like Duke always knew the way home anyway, and I can see what he’s doing, I ca see how he wants it to be. It’s like the car has become a hearse, a royal blue hearse. Because this is Jack’s last ride, along Marine Terrace, Margate, along the Golden Mile. Last ride of the day, eh Jack? Vince looks straight ahead, hands on the wheel, like ho don’t want no distractions. “
/Last Orders, p. 273/

Except for the symbolism of the title, which I have discussed in the opening paragraph, the selection of names of characters is also symbolic. Vince Ian Pritchett or V. I. P. This abbreviation in contemporary language means Very Important Person. His name implies that he is very important. In fact, he only thinks of himself as being important. He is very self-conceited, ego-centric, and insensible especially towards Jack. His name can also be interpreted literally, he was important for Amy, he was a substitution for June, Amy’s mentally disabled daughter, he was very important for her as someone whom she can love while Jack was serving in Africa. Another protagonist’ name is symbolic as well- Vic’s. Vic as Victor which in Latin means winner. He is the winner of the race, because he knows what to do in a situation concerning death since it is his job to know so. And each of the two Jack’s peers wants Vic to die last so he can take care of each of them once they’re dead:

“ It’s a comfort to know your undertaker’s your mate. It must have been a comfort to Jack. It’s a comfort to know your own mate will lay you out and box you up and do the necessary. So Vic better last out. “
/Last Orders, p.
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