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Philippe Lambert Drivers of Formula1 (Test of Men)
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Facts about book: Author: Philippe Lambert
Title: Drivers of Formula1 (Test of men)
Publishing: Mlade Leta
Date of published: august 1994

Theme: Story about the real test of men on the limit of human possibilities

Plot: Exposition: Book describes life behind the scenes of Formula1 world championship in season 1992, presentated by world most famous organization of car racing - FIA. Author writes about his love to this sport, the reactions of human body on the big pressure of this hard and dangerous sport and he has presentated his own dialogues with the world most famous Formula1 drivers like: Alain Prost, Eric Bernard, Andrea de Cesaris, Erik Comas etc.
Climax: Turning point of book is moment on the race in Imola in 1994, when Ayrton Senna has died.
Denouement: The story is an open ending, because the race championship comes further in next seasons.
Dedication: This book is dedicated to author’s parents and brother

Characterization: Didn’t have main or frill characters. Characters of book are drivers, mechanics, managers and owners of Formula1 teams

Settings: The story is from time of season 1992, where author describes atmosphere during the season on the tracks in Italy, Monaco, San Marino, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Japan. There’s a lot of envy, fear but all wants the same: to be a winner.

Style: The book is written in the omnibus style. Excellent Formula1 driver Alain Prost has write the prologue. Author use a simple words to explain what he means. Opinion I like to read this book, because I’m quite interested in this speedy sport and book is considering these attributes.

Quotation: Omnipotent ion of them, who alives.
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