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Oscar Wilde The picture of Dorian Gray

Facts about book: Author: Oscar Wilde
Title: The picture of Dorian Gray
Publishing: Ján Horáček
Published: 1947, Turčiansky Sv. Martin

Development of Dorian: At the begin of story Dorian Gray was stainless and fine-looking young man. By the time he has modify his lifestyle upside-down. These changes are also registered on his portrait by Basil Hallward. At the end of story he has shattered his portrait and the main character is dying.

Influence on frill
characters: Dorian influences on all frill characters – young woman Sibyl Vane makes suicide when Dorian doesn’t be in love with her, Basil Hallward was killed by Dorian and lord Wotton influences on Dorian with his “art of commanding.”

Portrait symbolizing: Portrait symbolize and registries all psychical changes in Dorian’s life. With damage of his portrait Dorian Gray is dying. Writing style: Hedonism:

Social critic:


Lyrical passages:

Art and beauty: Author is talking about it in prologue, he writes: “Umelec je tvorcom krásných vecí”(p. 5, prologue)

Opinion: Author perfectly describes time atmosphere at the end of 19th century in England. He has punctually describes nature or interior. He wants to show us Dorian’s inside and he do that very good, I think. Wilde uses a lot of dialogues, aphorisms and paradoxes.

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