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William Shakespeare Love's labour's lost
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Main characters:
 King of Navarre – is the king and a scholar
 Berowne, Langaville, Dumaine – are the three lords, they have joined king in his oath of scholarship
 Princess of France – she comes to visit the King
 Rosaline, Maria, Catherine – three ladies attending the Princess
 Boyet – is the lord who is attending the Princess
 Don Armando – is a Spaniard
 Moth – Don Armando´s page
 Costard – a clown
 Jaquenetta – a young girl
 Sir Nathaniel, Holofernes – a curate and the scholarmaster

Plot: At the very beginning the King and the three lords Berowne, Langaville and Dumaine discuss the founding of their academy. So they swear an oath to scholarship which includes avoiding contact with women for three years. They swear: If any man be seen to talk with a woman the term of three years, he shall endure such public shame as the rest of the court can possible devise. Than they receive a letter from Don Armando in which he informs them that he has caught Castard and Jaquenetta consorting in the park. Castard´s punishment is one week of only bran and water. Don Armando confess to his page Moth, that he has fallen in love with Jaquenetta. In that time, the Princess of France has arrived to visit the King. She sends Boyet, one of her attendants, to the King to announce their arrival, since she has heard the King´s vow that no woman may approach his silent court. Boyet returns and informs Princess that the King intends to lodge her in the field rather than break his oath and allow women in his house. The King enters with his lords and tells the Princess that he cannot bring her to the court because of his oath. She hand him a paper and they discuss the payment of a hundred thousand crowns and the control of Aquitaine. The three lords fall in love with three ladies Rosaline, Maria and Catherine and the King fall in love with the Princess. Berowne gives Costard a letter to deliver to Rosaline, but Costard accidentally switches it with the letter from Don Armando to Jaquenetta. When he gives Berowne´s letter to Jaquenetta she brings it to the learned Holofernes and sir Nathaniel to read for her. They tell her that the letter was meant for someone else and to deliver it to the King. Berowne watches the king from a hiding spot as he reads about his love for the Princess.
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